Citizens' Forum

The Citizens’ Forum is an organisational player, observer and promoter of civic activities, with cultural and communitarian work as two major strategic parts of our activities (Bildung).

Cultural work

Cultural education stands for the major part of our activities. The aim is to promote participation and personal growth through communitarian cultural education and culture itself.

This work involves a) supporting the educational and cultural work of our member organisations and other cooperating partners trough study circles, education, guidance and the production of teaching material, b) organising own educational events, training and cultural happenings, c) participating in cultural happenings organised by member organisations when they relate to our own educational and civic task, and d) international cultural cooperation.

Communitarian work

Communitarian work aims at promoting an active citizenship and also at developing citizens’ activities and organisational work. The Citizens’ Forum inspires people to participate, to influence and to bring forth ideas and insights as member of their own community.

This work involves a) developing civic and organisational activities through education, b) activating citizens and increasing their knowledge about participation and means of exercising influence, c) devising and testing activities that complement representative democracy, and d) activities that reinforce Finnish civil society and making them known to a wider public.

The Citizens’ Forum’s mission

The Citizens’ Forum’s mission is to inspire people to personal growth and to turn them into active citizens and communitarian players through cultural and civic work.

The Citizens’ Forum’s vision

The Citizens’ Forum is an educational hub for open and inspiring peer learning and civic activities and also an influential societal player.

The Citizens’ Forum’s major target groups

  • persons interested in lifelong learning, particularly persons belonging to member organisations
  • coaches and other pedagogues
  • elected representatives of member organisations and other civil society organisations
  • persons and agencies interested in active citizenship, communitarianism and democracy

The Citizens’ Forum offers    

  • education, advice, material and financial support to study groups and group leaders
  • training for member organisations and meetings among civic activists
  • topical information that civic and organisational activists need
  • a joint forum for everybody interested in peer-to-peer learning
  • a possibility to develop oneself  and one’s own surrounding through community art and culture

Pedagogical points of departure

  • The Citizens’ Forum’s study and educational activities
  • are based on the principle of learning through life: everybody is able to develop oneself throughout one’s life
  • emphasise a dialogue among equals based on participants’ life experience
  • are based on peer-to-peer learning and the creation of shared knowledge

The Citizens’ Forum is one of eleven players in the organisational field of non-formal cultural work (Bildung) in Finland. For the educational work we obtain financial support from the Ministry of Education and Culture based on legislation regulating liberal education.